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Before placing an order...

You must read my terms and policies before placing an order.

By placing an order you are agreeing to obey each and every policy and rule listed on this website!
Breaking any of these rules may result in consequences. 

If you have decided on what you'd like, and you have read through my terms and policies, then please contact me through one of the following options!

Let your imagination run wild! 
I will take on just about any plush project, just as long as it is animal-like. This includes real life animals, mythical creatures, made up characters and more! 
I will not take on orders for any licensed and/or copyrighted characters, which includes but not limited to, Pokemon, My Little Pony, Disney characters etc.
There are many different options and choices when it comes to placing a custom order.
If there is anything you'd like to order, that is not listed here, please feel free to contact me and ask! I am open to discussing any animal-like plush orders!
I am not limited to only these options listed here, I am open to different poses and ideas as well. 
*All sizing is approximate. Laying plushies will be measured by length not height.

SMALL - 9" tall*

Standing: $200
Sitting: $270
Laying: $300
Standing: $300
Sitting: $370
Laying: $400

MEDIUM - 14" tall*

Standing: $300
Sitting: $370
Laying: $400
Standing: $400
Sitting: $470
Laying: $500

LARGE - 18" tall*

Standing: $400
Sitting: $470
Laying: $500
Standing: $500
Sitting: $570
Laying: $600

EXTRA LARGE - 24" tall*

Standing: $500
Sitting: $570
Laying: $600
Standing: $600
Sitting: $670
Laying: $700

All prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD) and do not include shipping costs.

There are some add-ons option that can be added for an extra charge.
These add-ons cost extra because they are not something that I usually use in my plush, are harder to find, cost more etc. 
Each add-on chosen is added on top of the base price listed above.
Some add-ons included (but not limited to) are:
Long pile fur(approx. 3-4cm long) - The average fur pile that I use on most plush orders is approx. 2cm or shorter. Long pile fur works great for shaggy animals like a yak or sheepdog (Long fur usually costs more and is harder to find and that is why it's an extra cost)!
Wire armature - A wire armature will add posability to your plush! It is a durable wire skeleton inside of the plush, making it possible to bend the legs into different positions. This option may not be available for every plush option.
Embroidered Eyes - All of my plush come with plastic safety eyes, but you have an option of ordering custom embroidered eyes instead. You may choose the eye artwork/style and colour!
Vinyl or Foam/Rubber Pawpads - I don't usually include pawpads on regular plush orders, so this is an add-on option to have them added!
Accessories - If your character/pet has a special hat that it wears, or maybe a custom collar etc. etc.,  I can most likely make this as an add-on.

I ship to Canada and USA!


Shipping cost will be calculated on completion of your plush.

Taxes and Duties may be incurred through delivery and are not included in your shipping cost. You will need to cover the customs fees when picking up your package.


Shipment time estimates:

To Canada: 6-8 Days

To USA: 8-10 Days

Shipping times are estimated and may take longer than what is listed here.

Best Seller!

Provide reference images of your horse or equine character and I will create a replica in a cute floppy plush version!

A pattern is already pre-made for this plush option and will be customized with the right colours and markings to match your horse.

No alterations will be made to the pattern, unless discussed before hand.

Please Email Me @:



Natural: $280

Complex Natural : $325


Un-Natural: $355

Complex Un-Natural: $400



9" tall Custom Chibi Horse


Natural: $200

Un-natural: $270


Provide reference photos of your horse or equine character and I will create an adorable chibi style plush version.

The same pattern will be used, as shown in the photos here, I will only be customizing for colour and markings.

*Warning: Some markings may need to be simplified for this pattern!* 

Overly complex markings will be simplified to fit the pattern.


Decide between two different leg options:

  • Prancing (One front leg up- choose right or left leg)
  • Rearing (Both front legs up- does not balance on it's own. Perfect for pairing with a jumping obstacle!)


Submit a reference photo of your pet, creature or character and I can create a fully customized plush replica!

I offer three different poses for custom plush orders.

Standing, Sitting and Laying.

There is also a selection of sizes to choose from.

Small (9"), Medium (14"), Large (18") and XL (24")

Many different add-ons and custom options are available for your plush order, to have it made as close to your pet or character as possible!


All of these options and further information can be found in the pricing section below!

My plushies are stuffed with 100% polyester stuffing.

The floppy/beanie toy plush are partially stuffed with polyester stuffing as well as plastic pellets and/or dense cotton stuffing.


When it comes to customization, there are many options to choose from!

You have an option of two different types/styles of eyes for your plush!

Plastic Safety eyes OR Embroidered


Every plush that I create is 100% handmade by me. From pattern to finished product.
I do not use store bought patterns when creating my stuffed animals. Every pattern is drawn from scratch.
When creating my patterns, I reference from real life images to get the proportions of the animal that I am trying to achieve.

My plushies are a piece of art and are meant for collection, decoration and recollection.
Not recommended for small children, as most of my work has been hand painted and detailed, rendering it difficult to keep in pristine condition and maintain it's artistic beauty. My work would be more suitable for older children, collectors and kids at heart! 

Materials Used

My plush animals are made using high quality acrylic synthetic faux furs, but other materials may be used as well, depending on the project given.

Other materials of choice include (but not limited to) minky, vinyl and faux suede.

Fully customized plush animals, handmade to look just like your own pets, creatures and characters!

The Plush Animals


My main focus as an animal artist is to bring imagination and creation together into one plush art piece.

Every item that I create is 100% handmade by me. From pattern to finished product.
I do not use store bought patterns when creating my stuffed animals. Every pattern is drawn from scratch.
When creating my patterns, I reference from real life images to get the proportions of the animal that I am trying to achieve.

I can create any animal, whether it's real, fantasy or made up! As long as it resembles an animal in some way.

Contact Me

The Artist

Hello there, Welcome to my Kindgom!
My name is Jessica and I am a Canadian animal artist based in BC, Canada.
I have been sewing actively since 2011 and opened Animal Art Kingdom in 2012!
Animals and art are my true passion.

As an artist, I find satisfaction in the ability to bring animals and art into one entity. By applying my skills of imagination and creativity, I can create just about any animal or creature. I use my best efforts to make each plush animal, a beautiful, high quality, and original piece of work.

For the most part, I focus on plush stuffed animals, albeit is not the only subject that I enjoy. I am fond of many different mediums, including acrylic and water-colour painting, digital painting and pixel art, sculpting... basically any art related media. Experimenting with new media is always a treat, helping me expand my skill set.

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